For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and even obsessed with the unknown powers of the human mind. Specifically, how altered perceptions and strong belief can create a rare and mysterious "state" of mind which enables average everyday people to do extraordinary things. Especially in the face of heart stopping fear and extreme danger.

We are only now beginning to scratch the surface in the field of human potential. There is a mountain of scientific evidence that proves that we are using a fraction of our mental and physical power. Every time some "expert" says a barrier is "impossible" someone breaks that barrier. 


If you open your mind and seek the truth you will quickly discover the only barriers that "exist" are imaginary barriers in your own mind.

These barriers take on a life like quality of being "real" when human emotion is added to them. And no other human emotion is stronger and more powerful than fear.

Fear keeps the smartest and best people locked up in a prison cell of social, political, religious and socioeconomic slavery.

What good is it if you have all the knowledge and education in the world if  you are locked up in a self made prison of fear?

 In order to discover what you are truly capable of you need to study and master the emotion of fear. Otherwise you are simply training yourself to be a stronger, faster, smarter, animal in a cage.


I am currently completing the final stages of a book and video documentary which details my 20 year journey around the country and around the world, a quest to find the most fearless individuals alive and discover how they are able to control their mind, body and emotions in the most incredibly dangerous circumstances imaginable. 

Since I began my research I have personally met, studied under, trained with, observed, documented, interviewed and spent hundreds of hours filming some of worlds most amazing, talented and fearless individuals including:

World class skydivers, US Army special forces soldiers, Airborne Rangers, Navy S.E.A.L.S., Marine Force Recon, DEA agents, shark divers who swim with and hand feed sharks in the open ocean, Venomous snake handlers and snake venom extractors, firewalkers and fire eaters, firemen, law enforcement officers, martial arts experts, suspension performers who hang their bodies from steel hooks, alligator wrestlers, bear trainers, big cat keepers, world famous bull riders, bullfighters, high rise construction and steel workers, hang glider and experimental aircraft pilots, spearfishemen, big wave surfers, rock climbers, near death survivors and heroes of all shapes and sizes. 

Not only have I studied these people and their methods first hand, I have participated in many ultra hazardous activities with them risking my own life again and again in order to better understand them and get a closer look into their amazing world of mental and emotional control. 


There is a method to activating a "FEARLESS" state of mind within any human being. You don’t have to be a "daredevil" or thrust into a life or death situation to awaken your hidden powers. You can control this process at will. It works instantly like a computer program or algorithm. Your brain is the computer, the information is the program and FEAR is the virus.

You already possess all the resources within you to do anything you can imagine. FEAR is all that stops you. If you can learn to control your mind you can control your fear. If you can control your fear there is absolutely nothing that will be impossible to you. Fear is literally all that stops you being doing and having everything you really want in life. 

I sincerely look forward to sharing this information with you.There is NOTHING in this life that gives me greater joy, satisfaction and personal fulfillment than seeing people break free from the invisible bonds of embarrassing personal fears and ridiculous cultural superstitions. I know this book and this film has the potential to change your life for the better. It has certainly changed me.

If you are interested in being notified about release dates for the book and documentary please enter your name and email below and someone will get back with you as soon as possible. 

For now, please enjoy a few pics and videos from some of the more memorable events and experiences my partner Stephanie Hunter and I have had along the way.


Scott Goodknight


Scott and Stephanie Swim with Sharks in the open ocean