All my life I have been fascinated with the power of the mind and how certain enhanced emotional states can enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things. 

I am currently completing the final stages of a book and video documentary which details my 20 year journey around the country and around the world, a quest to find the most fearless individuals alive and discover how they are able to control their mind, body and emotions in the most incredibly dangerous circumstances imaginable.  

What I have discovered? 

These remarkable individuals use a very specific process to get themselves into a "Fearless" state of mind where they are able to do what seems impossible. Not only are their techniques and strategies learnable by anyone, they are applicable to ANY human endeavor where fear or uncertainty is a factor. 


Since I began my research I have personally met, studied under, trained with, observed, documented, interviewed and spent hundreds of hours filming some of world's most amazing, talented and fearless individuals including: 

World class skydivers, US Army special forces soldiers, Airborne Rangers, Navy S.E.A.L.S., Marine Force Recon, DEA agents, shark divers who swim with and hand feed sharks in the open ocean, Venomous snake handlers and snake venom extractors, firewalkers and fire eaters, firemen, law enforcement officers, martial arts experts, suspension performers who hang their bodies from steel hooks, alligator wrestlers, bear trainers, big cat keepers, world famous bull riders, bullfighters, high rise construction and steel workers, hang glider and experimental aircraft pilots, spearfishemen, big wave surfers, rock climbers, near death survivors and heroes of all shapes and sizes.  

Not only have I studied these people and their methods first hand, I have participated in many ultra hazardous activities with them risking my life again and again in order to better understand them and get a closer look into their amazing world of mental and emotional control.  

I have swam with sharks making direct contact with them on many occasions. I have free handled a live venomous rattle snake with my bare hands. I have piloted a hang-glider at one mile high. I have walked on hot coals and broken glass with my bare feet. I have skydived from three miles high pulled my own parachute and guided myself safely to the ground. I have broken through stacks of boards with my fist, handled giant scorpions and giant spiders in my hands. I dressed as a homeless man and begged for money. I have entered into violent riots and protests armed with nothing but my camera and my mind. I have also successfully graduated from the most grueling military survival and leadership courses on the planet including US Army Ranger School as well as survival, escape, resistance and evasion training where I was subjected to brutal psychological experiences which are designed to break your spirit and will. And I have so much more to share with you about what I have learned on this quest.

The bottom line is this, being “Fearless” is a skill. It is a strength you can develop. Another word for “fearless” is COURAGE. And it doesn't necessarily mean “without fear” it just means you know how to get over, around or through the fear. It may appear that certain people are fearless, but believe me, I have worked with the true masters of fear and not ONE of them ever told me they are fearless. But there are certain “tricks” I have learned from them (and through my almost limitless own trial and error) that will work INSTANTLY to give you confidence, certainty and courage in the most challenging times. 

It doesn't matter who you are or what you want to do, COURAGE will help you do it better. If you use the exact formulas, processes and techniques of these "Masters of Fear" I guarantee you will see and feel the results.  

I sincerely look forward to sharing this information with you. There is NOTHING in this life that gives me greater joy, satisfaction and personal fulfillment than seeing people break free from the invisible bonds of embarrassing personal fears and ridiculous cultural superstitions. I absolutely love an underdog story. I love seeing people defy the odds and surprise everyone with a dramatic performance in the most desperate times. This is what legends are made of, this is what myths are made of, this is what YOU are made of. You just need to learn how to access your true power and escape the imaginary cage of fear. 

I know this book and this film has the potential to change your life for the better. It has certainly changed mine.


If you are interested in being notified about release dates for the book and documentary please enter your name and email below and someone will get back with you as soon as possible. For now, please enjoy a few pics and videos from some of the more memorable events and experiences my partner Stephanie Hunter and I have had along the way. 


Scott Goodknight 


Scott and Stephanie Swim with Sharks in the open ocean